We are a family of five, living in Northland, New Zealand. Keen to reduce our own household waste, in 2015 we began making our own wraps. We were initially disappointed with what we had made using plain beeswax and set out over many months to create the perfect recipe.  We now feel we have created something special - using our neighbours beeswax, damar resin and organic coconut oil;  Honey Wax Wraps are both durable and soft, easy to clean, and perfectly tacky! They are reusable, compostable and absolutely gorgeous! We love getting out there and talking about reducing plastic waste so you can still find us at many Northland markets and festivals during the year (sometimes with a kid or two in tow). This website is a place you can see all our products - including high quality wastefree products from around NZ.

Honey Wax Wraps are an easy way to kick start (or add to!) your waste free journey, join us in creating change together. Small steps = Better future.

Jess, Mike,Lauaki, Pippen and Arlo


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