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Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Yesterday I ripped up a 21yr old towel to use for rags. It was a gift for my 10th birthday from my parents. You might remember the type- one of those towels from The Warehouse with blue waves and leaping purple dolphins. My parents bought it for me and I thought it was a 10 year old girl. Not exactly 'chic' or trendy as an adult lol.

This trusty towel has been with me through it all... The awkwardness of puberty, the wild ride through my teens and through all those scungy student flats. It was there when I met my husband and waiting for me when I returned from travelling the world. It was there when I had my babies and has dried them after their showers. It's been to lakes, beaches, waterfalls- it's had a good life!

I haven't kept it for any particular reason other than its a good cotton towel. It was pretty ugly and had some holes, but It still worked so why get rid of it? Now it's getting a second lease of life cleaning my windows 😊

I had a flash of sadness ripping it up when I realised just how long I had owned it. But then I was just happy I had some more rags so I could keep cleaning (wow mum life, so fun!).

What's my point your probably wondering? Well, I'm new to this blogging business so partly this is verbal diahorrea. But the main point is that we can all get by with buying less.

Have you heard of the 6 R's?

REFUSE what you don't need

REPLACE disposables with reusables

REDUCE what you can't refuse

REPAIR broken things

RECYCLE what can't be refused, replaced, or repaired

ROT all that is left in your compost

Many years ago (before I had ever heard of the 6 R's) I could have ditched that ugly dolphin beach towel and bought a new cool one. Back when those giant jacquard towels were all the rage. That could have been me, sitting warm in my huge new big towel. Those weird purple dolphins could be sitting in landfill right now, locked away for a thousand years without me giving them another thought.. Just feeling great that my towels all match.

But instead, I'm here feeling really proud. Proud that I used and used that thing for so many years and it's still being used now in another way. Yeah, I get cheap thrills!

Please don't get the wrong idea about me though! I've bought so many peices of junk in my life. Things I have bought because they were cheap, or just because I wanted them. Like a tiny frying pan shaped like a pig (totally useless) or that potato masher made of plastic that melted and bent 😫

But, I can only look onwards to the future. I'm not going to dwell on all those crappy purchases, or all the things I can't change right now. So cheers to those 6 R's, to celebrating what I already do for the environment and to looking back fondly on what I have already achieved. Cheers to identifying things I CAN change and not dwelling on what I can't.

Small steps, to a better future.

Jess x

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